Feeling stuck and need help with your business? I now offer several resources for photographers. Looking to revamp your website? Want to feel confident with your flash? Maybe you need a fresh look at your business or marketing materials. Or you need help designing albums. Whatever you're looking for, I'd love to help!

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After 9 years of shooting weddings, I've established a super easy, super reliant flash setup for wedding receptions that works for details and dancing! This setup helps me capture amazing moments without worrying about settings or moving equipment or being frantic on a wedding day. I offer a convenient guide on my setup, my recommended equipment, and tips and tricks that is mobile-friendly so you can take it with you! 

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"I knew how to get by using flash, but it was still an area that I didn't feel confident in. After signing up with Stephanie, I was sure this is exactly what I needed, and I was right! Stephanie is such an awesome mentor!! Easily an 11 out of 10 for those who want to boost their confidence and have lots of fun!"
- Alex Villar Photography

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Want to revamp your website but not sure where to begin? In this one hour Skype session, we'll review each page of your website, going over content and design. You'll leave with actionable steps and a fresh outlook on your web presence, with the option to let me complete your changes. With a degree in graphic design and over 10 years of experience as an art director, I'm here to help you feel confident in your branding.

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As an art director for two Fortune 100 companies and two award-winning studios, I've helped all levels of professionals with their branding and marketing materials. Need a new logo? Want a custom guide to send to your clients? I can help you create a uniform experience from your website to your delivered packages. 

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logos start at $250, branding packages vary.

Designing albums is one of my favorite parts of the wedding photography process. Using Smart Albums, I'll gather your selected photos and create a clean, timeless design for your clients. Each design comes with 1-2 rounds of changes (depending on your process), and each album is exported for printing and sent straight to you. 

I also create custom design covers if your album company allows. Designs can include custom illustrations, typefaces, icons and more.

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$3 per page, custom covers extra