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Hi friend, I'm Steph! Most days you can find me drinking local coffee and sleeping more than the average human.

I am mostly known for being the clumsiest but most endearing person you’ll ever meet. If I can admit that to you, you know you can be yourself with me!  

After 9 years of photographing weddings, I've learned just enough about florals, place settings, putting in a veil, and pinning boutonnieres (even though I still can't spell it) to help you stay stress-free your entire day. You want to surround yourself with the best helpers so you can have the best day ever, and you want to have photographs that capture how your wedding day both looks and feels.

The details you've worked so hard on, the little moments you may miss, the emotions you feel throughout your day - I can't wait to capture those for you. 

And after your wedding? I'm there too. For your first home, your first born, and all the moments after. My couples are truly part of my family, and I can't wait to be a part of yours!

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From L to R: Mike, Steph, Greyson, Lucy, Ava, Indy


Throughout the whole process, Steph was so supportive and energetic and made me feel so confident. From the beginning, she was excited to shoot the wedding and I could tell she was completely invested.

On my wedding day, Steph arrived just as bright and cheery as she could be and made me feel so special. She helped calm my nerves and made me slow down to really enjoy the small moments with my girls, my parents, and my grandparents.

One thing that I remember distinctly from that day was when Steph noticed I had the hankie that was passed on to me that day and she did not want me to lose it so she took it from me and held on to it until the end of the night like it was gold. Steph really made the little things count and made me feel like the most special bride.

Steph brought energy and spunk and just her personality was enough to calm a bride during stress. The day of the wedding went so smooth; you could really tell she was an expert at making a bride absorb her big day. Steph was natural in guiding us into poses - my husband and I are awkward when it comes to intimate photos, but Steph helped us become comfortable during our private portraits and they turned out wonderful!! GO WITH STEPH!!! She is the best all around! She makes you feel beautiful, loved, and special not just on your big day, but every day leading up to it. She completely invests in you and your spouse and you can tell she cares. To me, this makes the product more beautiful than anything!

whitney + Mason

I was able to see the light and love come through beautifully in Steph’s photos, and I knew that this is what I wanted captured on my big day. My initial connection with Steph’s photos proved to be even better connection after meeting with her! Steph is full of life and personality. She makes you feel like the most special, unique, interesting, and beautiful person in the room. She brings out an amazing confidence in yourself that you didn’t know you had! This is exactly what I needed from a photographer to help me look less stiff in photos and more natural. Steph goes above and beyond to make you feel like a queen. She knows exactly how to pose you to give you all the best angles that always flatter you that look natural. I didn’t know I was capable of looking this beautiful until Steph was able to pull it out of me and capture it. 

Steph was able to keep me calm and help melt away the stresses of an upcoming wedding with her bubbly personality. She has everything taken care of from the beginning to the end. Not having to think of poses or where people need to stand was a huge relief, She helped me to focus on the love between my husband and I, rather than how perfect my wedding day was going. I am forever grateful for her. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for my wedding day! Having her there felt more like having a friend take photos, rather than a strict photographer. She made my wedding day even better by making everyone laugh, organizing family and friends in photos, and capturing the love on that day. Steph is an incredible human being and am so happy to have her in my life, not only as a photographer, but just as an admirable human!

kyre + nathaniel

I knew when I started planning my wedding, I wanted to work with a photographer who made me feel comfortable and truly loved what they did!

After choosing Steph, her contagious smile and amazing work confirmed that she was the perfect fit! I could go on and on about her kind spirit, encouraging words, and stress free attitude during each shoot, but we all know the day that matters is the wedding day.

Steph and her team were AMAZING! They not only captured every detail perfectly, but the way they treated my friends and family during the whole process says a lot about the type of people they are. They truly care with their whole hearts! I will treasure my pictures for a lifetime and will continue to rave about Steph long after my wedding day! :)

lauren + tyler

sara + al

Where do I begin?! From the first time we connected – over FaceTime which was SO nice to not just email back and forth – I knew she cared more about Al and I than anything else. She wanted the pictures to be beautiful but also wanted our day to be perfect!

Her patience throughout the day, ability to make me feel so normal taking posed photos, and sense of humor allowed Al and I to only have to think about each other during our wedding.

Her smile is infectious – which helps you to smile through your sometimes awkward moments (Al and I are terrible at kissing in photos and taking it seriously). Not only do I love her style of photography, her talent is just the beginning of the amazing person she is! 

Steph made me feel calm about everything. During my bridals, she made me feel like I was the prettiest person ever which really helped my self confidence during the session. Our engagement photos were really relaxing and were a good way to begin our wedding journey. 

I do not think I am a photogenic person and I never know what to do with my hands during photos. Steph was awesome in that she told me exactly what to do to get the best looking photo. My husband does not like to have his photo taken and she was able to get him to smile and look great in every single photo. She did not make me feel stressed at all during this process! The best thing about working with Steph is her kindness and understanding.

Hire Steph. Your photos are what you will look back on and what you will remember most! You want them to be perfect and timeless and Steph can do that for you. 

kennedy + Jacob

Steph was very helpful throughout the planning process, and I loved how flexible she was in helping incorporate some of our ideas for the flow of the day or where we wanted to take photos. My husband and I loved that she also had a game plan when it came to shoots. I appreciated how she directed us when we needed direction and gave fun and cute ways for us to make each other laugh. I’ve been at weddings where the photographer would give very little direction and the photos would turn out okay, but what Steph does is get you to be your true self with some small simple steps and captures it all beautifully. Her method is spot on. 

The best thing about working with Steph was how easy it was to work with her. When we had our first video chat I felt like she was someone who I just wanted to get to know. She is super friendly, bubbly, goofy, and I love all of that! It felt like I was working with a friend and not just a professional transaction.

If you want someone who you will call your friend after the wedding, Steph is the one. She is passionate about her craft and loves her brides.

alyssa + Corey

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