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Hi friend, I’m Steph! Most days you can find me chasing our pups, snuggling with my family, drinking local coffee, and sleeping more than the average human.

I am mostly known for being the clumsiest but most endearing person you’ll ever meet. I love making people laugh, because I love laughing, and when you laugh you burn calories and relieve stress.

Bringing joy to everything I do and everywhere I am is what I am most passionate about. I photograph happy couples looking for wedding images that remind them how their day feels, so that when you laugh and cry on your wedding day, you’ll laugh and cry 50 years later when you look back at your album and prints.

I’m so lucky to connect with the happiest couples to give them super happy photos and a stress-free and fun photography experience. 

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Still want to know more? Here's 5 fun facts about me:

When I’m not busy connecting with fun couples, I’m usually quoting Jurassic park, day-dreaming about swimming with whales, pretending to be a storm chaser, or napping. 

I was born in Ohio and grew up in Michigan. I’ve lived in the south for so long that my accent is pretty much lost, but watch when I say the word “nose” or anything that rhymes with it.

I can’t snap. My husband has tried to teach me so many times, but I. Just. Can’t. It’s pretty cute to watch me try.

My kids, Mike, and I have a family band. Complete with trombone. (We're terrible.)

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the experience

Street tacos are my favorite food in the whole wide world. I could eat them for every meal. 

I love coffee and Target and getting my nails done and all things girly, but I also love kayaking and debating Marvel movies and drinking whiskey. So I can usually relate to pretty much anyone, and I love finding out what they love!

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The best couples.
The kindest words.

I knew when I started planning my wedding, I wanted to work with a photographer who made me feel comfortable and truly loved what they did!

After choosing Steph, her contagious smile and amazing work confirmed that she was the perfect fit! I could go on and on about her kind spirit, encouraging words, and stress free attitude during each shoot, but we all know the day that matters is the wedding day.

Steph and her team were AMAZING! They not only captured every detail perfectly, but the way they treated my friends and family during the whole process says a lot about the type of people they are. They truly care with their whole hearts! I will treasure my pictures for a lifetime and will continue to rave about Steph long after my wedding day! :)

Lauren + Tyler

I met Stephanie through a wedding I was a bridesmaid in–and I remember her connecting so well with me even though I was just a bridesmaid! When I got engaged 6 months later, I knew I wanted Stephanie as my photographer not only because of her amazing pictures that are so real and bright, but also because I knew she’d be a joy to be around and would make Daniel and I feel so comfortable on our big day! Little did I know, she would actually become a friend in the process as well.

Stephanie does a great job of connecting with her clients and she really does have a passion for weddings and that’s so obvious when you’re around her. I definitely couldn’t have picked a more perfect photographer! Also, my wedding album is incredible and I know I’ll cherish it for the rest of my life! Can’t thank you enough, Stephanie!


Morgan + Daniel

The best couples.
The kindest words.

Where do I begin?! From the first time we connected – over FaceTime which was SO nice to not just email back and forth – I knew she cared more about Al and I than anything else. She wanted the pictures to be beautiful but also wanted our day to be perfect!

Her patience throughout the day, ability to make me feel so normal taking posed photos, and sense of humor allowed Al and I to only have to think about each other during our wedding.

Her smile is infectious – which helps you to smile through your sometimes awkward moments (Al and I are terrible at kissing in photos and taking it seriously). Not only do I love her style of photography, her talent is just the beginning of the amazing person she is! 

sara + Al

The best couples.
The kindest words.

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